Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things out-of-place....

Some things just don't belong together in the store.

I also saw a frozen turkey sitting atop bunches of bananas in the Produce section.

When I went back by, it was gone.

Hopefully it was now back in the proper freezer.

Wonder how long it sat there?

Bananas bruise so easily. Then they go into the blender as part of a Smoothie.

Peaches too have a short shelf life but blend in well.

My cat notices when things are re-arranged.

Like having fresh grass in the house.

She's an inside cat so doesn't get out to graze.

I've been told grass is good for her digestion.

One doesn't live on Kibble alone.

She gets to gnaw a while then I take the pot back outside to refresh itself.

(Do computer patrols pick up on key words like "pot" and "grass?")

Maybe I should add the word "medical."

As luck would have it, during all the tropical rain we had - and flooding around the area - I had no need to leave the house. Whew.

Usually a heavy downpour is when I think about umbrellas.

They often are in the car when I am not.

And vice versa.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

I once rented a place on James Island and the landlord had goats.

They took care of ANY grass that popped up.

Better than a lawn mower.

Frustrated the cats I bet.

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