Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just Playin' vs the Olympics....

Several people asked me about the "shuffle board" I mentioned seeing at Gene's Hafbrau.

I grew up playing on these so I assumed it was very clear.

Obviously not. Some people pictured long-handled sticks used to push pucks around on an outdoor court at a retirement village.

Or a game played aboard a cruise ship.

Nope. This is what I saw at Gene's. They also had the "required" pool table of course.

Some places go a little overboard on those.

Many of the North Charleston bars still have the smokey atmosphere so I hardly ever go there.

Some businesses opt to ban smoking so I do go there. It's a matter of choice.

And breathing clean air.

My dad played billiards. On a full-size table.

His favorite was Snooker. I noticed the 6 pockets were a LOT smaller so you had to really be good to win.

Also the rules were very complicated compared to "Eight Ball" which is recognized everywhere and easy to keep straight.

Neither pool nor shuffleboard is an Olympic sport.

The only gold medals in the bars are called "bling."

(Click on the pictures for more detail.)

I stopped shooting pool when I started wearing bifocals.

Suddenly the game became more challenging.

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