Sunday, July 01, 2012

It's All In The Timing...

Somebody told me my tomatoes will all ripen at the same time.

Huh? Can this be true?

There's about 15-20 little green ones hanging there right now.

I buy two tomatoes at the store and hope to use the second one before it gets all squishy.

What do you do with a dozen at once?

This may be a set back to my status as a veteran farmer.

I adopted that title after earning my Green Thumb by planting a small patch of wheat when I lived in Kansas.

It was just outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

You could gather my whole Winter Wheat crop with your two arms forming a circle.

My then-wife suggested I pull it up from her garden and throw it away. "You can't eat wheat," she said.

I'll always remember that line!

Years later, I planted a crop of peanuts when I lived in Tallahassee, Florida.

It WAS fairly close to Plains, Georgia.

And, I HAD met President Carter.

Not too unusual to think about peanuts.

But I must have done something wrong.

They didn't come up "boiled."

(Click on the photos for more details.)

When it snowed, I called the Kansas Wheat Commission and asked what I should do about the snow?

They seemed confused when I asked if I should brush it off or ignore it.

I left the little plot alone and it was just fine.

This alone should have earned me the title Farmer of the Year.

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At Mon Jul 02, 09:19:00 PM , Blogger Rick said...

Pick 'em and fry 'em.

At Tue Jul 03, 09:38:00 AM , Blogger chuckography said...

OK. Fry 'em when they're green,slice 'em when they're red. I'm going to need a good Southern how-to recipe for the former. Thanks.


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