Monday, June 11, 2012

Oops. A small problem....

The good news - as you may recall - is my riding mower now starts easily.

It really cuts the grass great with its two new blades.

A Hanahan policeman had issued me a code violation warning because my "grass and/or weeds was higher than 12 inches."

David Guerry had come by with his Mobile Lawnmower & Small Engine Repair service to make things right. Now I rake the area before cutting grass to protect the blades.

I leaned the rake against a tree.

Yep. Bumped the rake, the handle lodged itself under the mower.

This stopped the spinning drive pulley, which then melted as the belt whirred around it.

It took Dave less time to replace the pully - and make adjustments - than for me to write this posting.

Stupid rake.

(Click on the photo for more detail.)

Dave wore one of his company shirts this time.

He said he bought 25 of them as an advertising and promotional item.

Need help? Contact Dave at (843) 343-4225. Or

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