Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WHAT was that noise?

Hey! I'm sleeping here.

What the heck was that racket?

I've been living here a year and three months and never heard THAT before.

It's outside but it's scary.

And very LOUD and raspy.

Dang...there it goes again!

Sure glad I'm an INSIDE cat.

Oh, that might be the lawn mower.

I heard it had stopped running about two years ago .

Been sitting in the shed.

How is it running now?

There's a man working on it and his truck says Guerry's Mobile Lawnmower & Small Engine Repair.

Looks like his phone number is 843-343-4225.

He comes to your house with all his tools.

Fixes your non-running engines and guarantees his work.

"I can charge less because I don't have the overhead of a big shop." David Guerry said.

"I have 40 years experience and bring the right tools for the job, " he added, assembling his vehicle hoist.

Apparently the thingamabob stuck in the open position and gasoline flooded the place where there should be just oil.

He drained it all out. No damage.

Adjusted the float valve on the carbureator, changed the fuel filter, fine tuned everything, replaced the dead battery and it started right up.

Sharpening the blades after he gets the mower running is part of the service.

Uh oh. Not enough blade left to sharpen.

Chuck must have been mowing rocks.

Somebody needs to go get new blades.

Somebody else meanwhile could start working on the dead generator.

Hurricane Season starts in about a week and one early Tropical Storm got the Folly Beach surfers all excited a few days ago.

Chuck went to Home Depot and Lowe's but they didn't carry the right blades for his Murray mower.

He got lucky and bought the last set at Wal-Mart.Oh, great.

Now BOTH of the machines are running!

At least the police won't issue another ticket for having an overgrown lawn.

(Click on the photos for details.)

If you have a lawnmower or generator - or any other small engine machine - that's not running, give Dave a call on his mobile @ 343-4225.

He covers the TriCounty area..

He charged me $95 for the riding mower and $65 for the generator.

Came to the house, took a few hours and said if there were any problems, he'd come back and fix 'em.

I even cut the lawn as the sun went down.

The headlights now work.

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At Wed May 23, 07:56:00 AM , Blogger Rick said...

Good to know there is someone who can fix a mower. I'll keep that number handy. Thanks.


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