Wednesday, May 09, 2012 least to me.

Even back when I had a small boat, I never ventured out to the end of Shem Creek.

Now I see what it looks like where it enters the harbor.

The new wooden walkway was quite a sight to see.

And, being able to walk out to the end of the dock.

Nice going county/city/town government.

Good use of government funds.

I had a guest down from Chicago and this was on my list of things to see and do.

We're photographers (we each have a Canon S90) and were there as sunset approached.

It was the night before the Super Moon was to rise, so the tide was exceptionally high.
As an added bonus, a kayak instructor/guide was weaving in and out of the swollen marsh with a group of newbies.

They added a touch of color and symmetry.

And were kind enough NOT to mug for the cameras. Charleston politeness.

Everywhere we looked, there was another scenic view.

Palmettos at sunset.

High tide lapping at the edge of the shore where it usually did not reach.

A chef in his white apron, standing on the bank outside Vickery's, having a smoke.

Wait, I didn't snap that one.

Photographers are advised to look around while shooting.

Turning my back to the sunset, I caught a preview of the rising Super Moon projected for the next evening.

Sunrises, sunsets and even new full moons usually are complemented with the proper mix of clouds.

This was a good example of Mother Nature really showing off.

And, her big show was still a day away.

Think we'll head over to the pier at Folly Beach for that special event.

(Click on the photo for more details.)

I am amazed whenever I thiink about digital photos.

It's all created with 1s and 0s.


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At Wed May 09, 02:37:00 PM , Blogger Rick said...

Nice photos.

At Wed May 09, 04:59:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

Thanks Rick. You're a faithful viewer and I appreciate your comments.


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