Friday, June 22, 2012

Tomato sandwiches coming, down.

So my son and his wife gave me a tomato plant hanger.

I had heard of these that grow the plant upside down.

No stakes needed and, since bugs come up from the ground, that should not be a problem.

Hung the thing on my front porch (gets sun all day) and started watering it every day.

Became routine: fill a watering can, step onto the porch to pick up the paper and water the plant. Neat.

Man. It was growing fast.

Within three weeks, little yellow flowers appeared. I understand they become the fruit.

My neighbors used to plant tomatoes and offer them around.

Nobody did that this year.

Or last year.

Now, I'm growin' my own "crop."

Of course, I will offer the excess to my neighbors.

Especially to the nice family across the street who invites me to bar-b-ques in their back yard.

I'll offer to bring over some fresh tomatoes this time.

(Click on pictures to see luscious views.)

Guess before I promise to dole out tomatoes, I'd better wait until I see something red hanging on the vine.

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At Sun Jun 24, 05:25:00 PM , Blogger Paul said...

Yummy. Fresh 'maters!

At Tue Jun 26, 04:38:00 AM , Blogger Eyebee said...

I've grown tomatoes before, but never this way. It's a novel idea for sure!

At Thu Jun 28, 01:47:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

Yikes. My thumb is turning green.


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