Sunday, June 17, 2012

I am getting better at manipulating photographs.

It is fun to create an image of something that does not really exist.

Sometime, I combine several elements.

Or I erase something.

It's all illusion, and, if I do it right, it's believable at first glance.

I don't really like hot and spicy sauces.

But I can create the impression that I do.

Tilting the contents of a bottle of Texas Pete onto your tongue is easy...if you leave on the cap.

The stopper is "removed" using Photoshop.

And the dribbling fiery sauce is added by the same program.


That would have been painful.

And tough to swallow.

The image on the sign is real.

It is the international symbol for EXIT.

I merely changed the wording.

Whole different meaning now that adds a sense of urgency.

Makes you think about what you eat.

And where you are.

Here's two men carrying a pretty thick glass shower door up some stairs.

I am sure they would appreciate having some assistance.

Not much help to them on that day. I just kept out of their way.

But, now, I am able to make their task more transparent.

And raise a glass as I lighten their load.

(Click on the pictures for more detail.)

They say a photograph never lies.

WHO says that? Not I.

What you see is what you see.

Thanks for stopping by.

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At Tue Jun 26, 04:40:00 AM , Blogger Eyebee said...

I DO like hot sauce, but even I don't think I'd drink it straight from the bottle!


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