Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keys and cards...

I am NOT picking on any place in town. This just happens to be in Charleston's oldest bar. Nostalgic.

Gene's Haufbrau in West Ashley.

It's very popular. Usually has smokers standing out front.

It has the city's largest beer selection. Says so on it's website.

Far as I know, it's the only one with a long shuffle board game.

The one with sprinkled sawdust to make it VERY slippery.

Does everyone know it's owned by the people from Vickery's?

When I first came back to Charleston in 1993, Gene's was still a key club. Dengate's on Rutledge Avenue also was a key club. Now Dengate's is known as Moe's Crosstown.

Neither one now issues front door keys to its customers.

That was long ago in a different era.

But people still hand bartenders fake ID cards.

Usually they are kept - or even cut in half - when it's obvious and the underage person is asked to leave.

Mac's Place on East Bay collected enough to make a "fake" laminated table top.

The cards show a variety of how states present themselves.

Bright, colorful and even a different backdrop to reflect if the driver is under 21.

Yeah, I know, who would have presented one of those?

A fake ID by a person with a low IQ.

(Click on the photos to see more details.)

I grew up in Charleston then left as a teenagers to join the Marines.

I visited from Camp Lejeune and took fellow Marines to a few of my favorite joints and dives.

Big John's was on that list.

"Best Dive since '55."

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