Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Swing & Sway...

I was invited to a birthday party a few days ago.

No, it wasn't a kid's birthday celebration.

This was just one way to amuse the youngsters.

Sort of a Cinco de Mayo theme?

Again my friend explained it was HIS birthday.

So I asked "Is there an Adult Pinata?"

"Of course," he replied.

"Is it filled with candy like this one." I pursued?

"No, it's filled with miniatures."

"Miniature chocolates?"

"You know, the 1.7 oz. bottles we used to have in South Carolina and on airplanes."

It was a nice afternoon party.

(Click on the picture for details.)

Yes, you're right. Tiny glass bottles would break.

These were an assortment of plastic bottles of booze.

The birthday guy decided to let the kids swing away at our Pinata.

That didn't take long.

Only one bottle actually was smashed.

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