Friday, July 20, 2012

Better Than A Double Feature...

When I was growing up in Charleston in the 1950s, a real treat at the movies was a Double Feature.

Wow. Two-for-one time.

Two black & white cowboy films, color cartoons in between and maybe a newsreel.

Could it get any better than that!?

Yes it can.

Attend a Triple-feature that starts at 6:30pm ands ends a few minutes before 3:00am.

And, receive a free 4-pack of an energy drink.

It helps you make it all the way to the end of "The Dark Knight Trilogy.

By going to see the Batman Marathon at the Mt. Pleasant's CINEBARRE, you were able to enjoy hot popcorn and cold beer with your movies.

Later, when it's time for dinner, throw in a hot and crispy pepperoni pizza.

Add some more beer, and the fun just keeps coming.

Two screens were set aside for "Batman Begins" (2005),"The Dark Knight" (2008) and the final chapter by Christopher Nolan. Judging by the crowd in the mens room, both seemed well attended.

Of course the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises WAS playing elsewhere -even in 3D - but I doubt the "Scarecrow Man" was in the audience there.

Wish I had a Batman t-shirt.

Wham! Smash! Kapow!

(Click on the pictures for more details.

The campy shot of Batman and the Boy Wonder was from the internet and was NOT part of the Trilogy.

Director Nolan wanted to distance himself as far as possible from those days.

It was a fun evening. Thanks for dropping in.

** In light of the tragedy in Colorado, I hesitated to keep this post up on my blog.
However, it was a happy event here in Charleston and I decided to relate that.

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At Sun Jul 22, 02:30:00 PM , Blogger Rick said...

Sorry I missed that.


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