Monday, August 06, 2012

Olympics...and the parallel bars.

Ray Cashman is a Blues man.

In the true sense of the title.

He's lived the life and writes the songs.

Caught him last Thursday night at Home Team Bar b Q on Highway 61. The place was absolutely packed.

Unfortunately the chattering young crowd belonged to a sports & social club and met there to talk loudly with each other.

All wore similar t-shirts proclaiming their love of Kickball.

Some were out back actually engaged in competition...with the beanbag toss game known as cornhole.

Ray acknowledged the few of us who applauded loudly at the end of each song. Yes that is a 4-string slide guitar made from a cigar box. Sounded sweet.

Several hundred yards away is the Tin Roof, another music venue I like to visit.

A few evenings earlier we had watched a brother and sister from Orlando, Florida perform.

Thomas Wynn and The Believers had a good appreciative crowd but had to cut the show short.

His sister Olivia was not feeling well.

You could see and feel the concern of the other band members. They're a tight group that sounded great together.

Hope she's better now.

Well, that's my Summer Olympics taped delay update of action on the Parallel Bars.

(Click on the pictures for more details.)

Funny how a crowd can set the mood for an evening.

And being on the road can be a hardship.

Enjoy in moderation,

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