Friday, August 17, 2012

A New Fan Of Old You...

A buddy mentioned there was an act at the Music Farm we should go see. Old You.

The bonus was it's Wednesday so only $5 at the door.

Wait, it get's better...

Yeungling in the bottle was only $2.25.

Good music and inexpensive beer in a premier Rock place downtown.

The singer Young-mi Feldsott had a good voice, great moves and played a fine big white guitar.

As promised it was an amazing array of sounds and mixes.

It's easy to see why they had opened for Robert Randolph and the Family Band when he last played here.

I'll keep an eye out for them again.

You should too.

Oh, right at the end, she asked the audience if they enjoyed the free pizza.

Huh? I had eaten before the show and did not know pizza was given away!

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

Might check with Music Farm to see if the Wednesday night thing is always how I described it.

Skip dinner if it is.

Thanks for stopping by.

Click the link to the band and check them out.

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