Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Bar Room Portraits...

Speaking of "Caddyshack" in the Park Circle community.

When I stopped in at The Sparrow a while back, this portrait of Karl Spackler (Bill Murray) was in progress.

Thought I'd see how it turned out.

If I were a gopher on a golf course in North Charleston, I'd watch my back.

Noted graffiti artist Doug Panzone finished off Murray and added a few more well-known faces to the walls of the new music venue and bar.
The star of The Buddy Holly Story is Gary Busey.

I remember the distinctive black-framed Holly glasses.

But I confess I don't remember him ever wearing a Viking helmet.

Maybe it's symbolic.

Doug spray paints good teeth.

I continued walking around the new club and spotted a few more "new" faces.

Naturally I had a draft craft beer as I sat down at the bar.

Did I mention this is a non-smoking establishment? I like my music without smoke when I can.

A person you seldom see hanging out with Bill Murray would be Mohandas Gandhi.

Drop by The Sparrow and check it out.

Inspired by Gandhi, instead of arguing over sports trivia, I guess patrons would seek a peaceable solution.

And act in a non-violent fashion.

I think it was Willie Nelson who commented "I like both kinds of music - Country and Western."

Johnny Cash has his fans and George Harrison has his.

I like Cash and the Beatles.

And Willie Nelson.

And especially a non-smoking music scene.

I'll be back to The Sparrow.

(Click -twice- on the photos for more details of Doug's fantastic spray art).

Thanks for stopping by. Please come again.

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At Tue May 31, 11:07:00 AM , Blogger Oleg Gula said...

I liek Buddyguy. He is so effective man!


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