Monday, May 30, 2011

A Double "Two-fer" = 4 Biggies

My Piccolo Spoleto afternoon started well with DUENDE!

That was my first two-fer of the day at Halls Chophouse on King Street.

This particular trio was new to me although I have enjoyed the music of jazz pianist Tommy Gill many times.

He was joined by Cristobal Cisneros, guitar & sax and Gino Castillo, percusion, as their Latin sounds enthralled early diners at the upscale restaurant.

I had not been to Halls before so this was a bonus treat for me.

It was announced the intent was to place beautiful music in beautiful settings around Charleston.

What a great concept.

And, speaking of giving a brand new look to a familiar place, I was able to check out LEAF Restaurant, the former Vickery's on Beaufain Street.


The doors and windows have been enlarged and the inside merges with the great outdoor patio.

It was on the way to the outdoor concert at the College so there was time for a drink at the HUGE bar.

The newly-opened place is bright and cheery and so different from the 20-year run of Vickery's in that location. Add another bonus to my day.

Toninho Ferragutti, noted jazz accordianist from Sao Paulo, may be short on English but his music speaks volumes. His talented playing capped the evening of my Spoleto Festival experience.

The 400 people in the College of Charleston's Cistern Yard audience were tapping their toes and swaying as the music flowed.

He was backed by a circle of strings - violin, cello, upright bass - and the sound system was spot on, every instrument crisp and separated in the balmy still night air.

A splendid way to spend the day.

(Please click on the photos to see more detail. The Canon S90 held its own with much larger SLRs and large lenses.

Oh well, I usually have it with me so "light is right" for me.) Thanks for visiting.

Enjoy the Spoleto Festival and Piccolo-Spoleto events.

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