Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Warm Wintery Project....

Years ago - before I retired from The Post and Courier newspaper - I had a restaurant story idea. Obviously it would include photos.

But I never did anything with it.

Now I have a blog and remember what I wanted to feature about local dining spots.

An enticing haven during harsh winter weather. (Oh cope with our low, low temperatures.)

Cozy fireplaces and the "warmth" they add to the dining ambiance.

Poe's Tavern on Sullivan's Island is a good example of what I have in mind.

Last night I stopped for a Guinness at Tommy Condon's and I glanced at the fireplace there.

It was a busy Saturday and the place was packed. I thought I'd probably have to come back later.

But, as I was leaving, a large group that had filled a long table to celebrate a birthday or anniversary also was heading out. The fireplace now was in plain view.

(Hmmm. Do I see a pattern here? Fireplaces seem to come with paintings above them?)

In Dublin last year I sat next to one glowing with peat at Duke's Pub. Peat burns for a long time I was told.

So far I have not seen one like that here in Charleston. Nor coal or thick logs. Mainly I see either gas or electric.

Please give me your suggestions where I should look. "Home is where the hearth is" should be added to this collection.

(Click twice on the pictures for more detail. Oddly enough, in Dublin I was ALSO drinking a Guinness. What are the chances of that?! Thanks for reading my stuff.)

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