Friday, December 24, 2010

O, Christmas tree.....

What a GREAT time to be a photographer.

And, having a camera you can adjust to achieve so many different effects.

My photo group is meeting Wednesday January 12 and we always have an optional theme for the monthly Show & Tell.

Naturally this one will be "Pictures Taken With That New Christmas Camera" so I trust many people will be snapping away.

Children, pets, decorations (indoors and out), the surprise snow fall(?) and other seasonal views should be on display.

Meanwhile I'm pushing my Mom around the heavily-decorated Sandpiper Nursing Center so she can see the colorful displays.

I'm happy to report that my mother seems comfortable.

She doesn't complain and she eats well.

Staff says she's quiet but cheerful.

I like her bemused smile and the twinkle in her eye when I remind her she'll be 95 years old next March.

She gives me that "mother's look."

Merry Christmas Mom.

(Click on the photos for more detail. Enjoy your parents. Thanks for stopping by.)

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