Friday, July 09, 2010

Outdoor Missouri Wedding

I guess the minister summed it up best:

"This is my first-ever "Barn Wedding."

Recently I wrote about flying to Kansas City for my grandson's wedding. Here's a few pictures I wanted to share.

It was held outside at Matthew's home at 3pm. The temperature was in the mid-nineties. Whew.

His Step-Dad Joe had ripped weathered planks from an old barn and put together a unique backdrop for the ceremony.

It was beautiful.

I know the photographer did not get this exact same shot of Matt and his Mom Laurie.

That's the "official" camera in the picture.

Of course I had my digital Canon S90 with me.

I don't leave home without it.
You have to admit...that makes a mighty fine setting.

(You can click - twice - on the pictures to see more detail. I really like where photography has headed!) Thanks.

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