Sunday, June 06, 2010

No Cameras Allowed...

It's not really a "hidden" camera.

I mean, you can see it sitting in my lap, discretely aimed slightly upward.

I'm in the first row in the Cistern Yard, right on the center aisle and I'm hoping the Sao Paulo singing star Fabiana Cozza doesn't look directly at me and yell "Security!"

Or whatever that word would be in Portuguese.

Many shows and concerts dislike cameras and "recording devices."

People popping flashes are indeed disruptive. My camera does well in low light.

I think that restriction means those pesky cell phones that people hold over their heads while the music is playing.

Hey, they're not making a phone call.

They are recording a video!

I always smile when I see someone doing that ...and bouncing the phone (camera) along with the music. Yikes.

Life was easier a few night before in that same spot at Cistern Yard watching the New York City group The Ebony Hillbillies.

This lively group had the audience up on its feet and they invited us all to come forward and dance.

Cameras appeared everywhere - and so did mine. One fellow had his on a large tripod.

This bouncy crowd shot would have been a tough picture to get using a "hidden" camera.

[Click twice on the images for more detail. My Canon S90 is the size of a deck of cards or a pack of cigarettes.]

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