Sunday, April 25, 2010

A 99% Standing Ovation....

Had a great evening up in Myrtle Beach to see Delbert McClinton.

He is one of those "fan savvy" artists who allow photography so my trusty (new) Canon S90 camera was hanging on my belt.

We even scored bar stools again!

(There's probably only about 25 stools scattered around the House of Blues that holds close to 1,000 people.)

Standees all around us for hours mumbled about how "some people" are able to sit while others (about 974) are "forced to stand."

To gain this valued status, you simply have a meal in the House of Blues restaurant and your staff-signed receipt lets you line up to enter before the general admission.

Last night we arrived early, ate and went to the line starting point at 5:30 (doors scheduled to open at 7:00) so we were #1 and #2 in line. By 7:00, several hundred people stood behind us.

Being the first ones in, we moved quickly to an elevated area close to the stage with a great sight line where we had found several stools before. We plopped down with a sigh of relief. The opener wasn't due for an hour and then Delbert would perform until almost 11 pm.

So, as others crowded in around us and behind us, we were perched comfortably and a waitress brought us 24 ounce cans of cold Budweiser (2 for $19). She did that again during the evening.

A buxom blonde named Pam who had stood behind us in line said she lived nearby, was usually at the head of the line for many of Delbert's shows and had even taken a Delbert Cruise-For-Fans.

Pam added "I know exactly where his microphone will be placed so I'll be in the front row, waving. He'll recognize me and pose for my cellphone camera."

Sure enough, when the star came on, she was in the center, right down front and he DID seem to smile and shed some attention on his Number One Fan.

House of Blues usually is very strict and has signs posted saying no photography or recording devices allowed. In the past we have seen Security guys wade into the crowd and tell a person to NOT hold up their phone nor take any more pictures. Yikes. But, not tonight. I was very comfortable using my camera...and sitting down.

(Here's another chance to click on the photos to see more detail. These scenes are not often captured at HOB. They also could add more bar stools.)

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