Friday, March 12, 2010

Hanging out at Barnes & Noble.

Being part of a Photography Exhibit is pretty exciting.

Barnes & Noble (West Ashley) provided space for a month to hang colorful mounted photos right next to the coffee counter. Prime location!

The 21st Century Photography Group was founded two years ago and at our monthly meetings the members keep coming up with great ideas like this display.

Kevin Harp, one of the two Co-Organizers, presented this concept, talked to the B&N folks and made this happen the entire month of February.

Kevin even did the actual placement and hanging of all the pictures.

The first batch was replaced mid-month with more from the "Best Shot of 2009" collection submitted by the members.

Each month we do a popular SHOW & TELL and members get to see what the others are doing and hear technical details.

The membership now is 145 photographers and wannabes.

Information on the group can be found on the 21st Century website. Come by and bring some of your favorite photos.

And your camera.

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