Tuesday, January 12, 2010

300th Blog Begets Blog....

I wanted something dramatic to announce my 300th blog posting.

Her's an image I found on the internet. (Even though many of my photos do appear here, I did NOT create this one.)

This is an example of Creative License I hope and not something that gets me involved in a copyright lawsuit. Good grief.

This March will mark the fourth year I have been doing a blog and it has been a wonderful and satisfying experience.

As some may recall, it all started with a suggestion from my friend Dan Conover a few years after I had retired from The Post and Courier.

He was into New Media and was trying to drag the paper into the 21st Century.

Well, he convinced me. Thanks again Dan!

Lately I have progressed to the point where I am selling items online (and in the paper's classified ads) and using my blog experience to illustrate what I have for sale.

That is so neat!

Here's my old Underwood that dates back to the 1920-1930s. I'm getting phone calls from collectors who like the $75 price and the condition it is in.

So my 300th posting touts another blog I've created.

Go ahead, take a look. We can talk.

We all have things we'll never use again and, as they say, these might be a treasure to someone else.

I also use Craigslist but the newspaper seems to attract a "better" buying audience.

Newspaper readers give me a call, make an appointment and then really do come by.

Not a one has mentioned money orders, the use of pre-paid moving companies or the need for me to send any money to them.

Nigeria has not come up in conversation either

Just treasure hunters.

(You know the drill. As usual, click on "my" photos to see them larger. There's an amazing amount of details.)

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At Tue Jan 12, 11:27:00 AM , Blogger Kenneth said...

300?! That is madness! (not so subtle reference to the movie 300 you have the picture from)

Grats on the new blog too. I would hit you up for some of that stuff but I am going to take apart anything I find so I can't pay for the nice quality you have!

At Sun Jan 17, 08:51:00 AM , Blogger Elvin said...

Congratulations on your 300th blog posting, Chuck. Shouldn't it be your 4th year blogging not the 3rd year, as you describe on your post?

At Sun Jan 17, 02:56:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

Well, that wrong description has been changed to "fourth."

This shows once again how an English major muddles along in a Numerical world. Duh.


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