Friday, January 08, 2010

Coming Soon ....Nice New Views

Bowens Island Restaurant.

Stunning sunsets over the Stono River. Better than ever.

Wait a do you get up THAT high?

That's from the deck of the NEW dining room replacing the landmark that burned to the ground in 2007, changing a legend that started in 1947.

Owner Robert Barber says it'll be a few more months before he opens the new place but last Tuesday he invited me to walk up and take a look. So I did.

Since the fire, when you go to Bowens on Folly Road you eat in the heated, covered dock house on pilings over the water.

When the new place opens, you'll dine upstairs in a similar room that's twice as wide and twice as long.

Barber kept the Dock House look and it'll have the same wide pop-out windows so you're surrounded by great views.

I'm pretty sure that round window way up high is new.

(Click on the photos to enlarge and see more detail.)

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At Sat Jan 09, 02:32:00 PM , Blogger Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

Beautiful shots.

Reminds me of a story: Not loong after I moved to the Charleston area, I had visitors in town, so I called Bowens Island to see what time they opened and to find out whether they took credit cards. Before ending the call with the young man, I asked if they had any specials that night. He said, "Ma'am, you ever been here before?" "Yes, once," I replied. He responded, "Well, what we had then is what we got now."

At Sat Jan 09, 03:13:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

Thanks Sherry..that's a great story!

I just did a Roundup on www.lowcountrybloggers and cited your latest post.

At Sat Jan 09, 09:42:00 PM , Anonymous joan said...

Beautiful! It's been a long time since I've been out there.

Thanks for doing the round up!


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