Saturday, November 21, 2009

Taking pictures OF a camera...

Now, this gets tricky.

Wanted to take a picture OF my camera with a new accessory. But, I only have one camera.

We've all heard the phrase "smoke & mirrors" so I reached for a mirror.

See the camera in the mirror in the viewfinder. Place the "Bottle Cap Tripod" in the shot to show plenty of close up detail.

Took this clever device along on my trip to Ireland and Germany and airport security had no problem with it. (Last year I was asked to unpack a small metal tripod which apparently looked like a "stun gun" on the x-ray screen.)

Oh, you noticed. Mirror images are reversed.

Didn't matter on the attachment but reversed lettering on the camera would be an obvious problem.

In Photoshop I have an "image" control with a setting that allows me to "flip" the image.

I did that for the shot of the camera sitting atop the wine bottle.

Did NOT reverse/flip the top picture or the reversed mirror image would not have been apparent. Now it is.

Wine not included.

(Click on photos to see enlarged details.)

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At Wed Dec 14, 03:20:00 AM , Anonymous Katie Beyer Photography said...

It's good that you have a great time with your camera. You have a wonderful gadgets on your camera.:D


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