Monday, October 12, 2009

How To Tell If Your Hotel Is Old......

One clue, of course, how well does it fit into the neighborhood.

Does it blend in like a new home would if it were built on the Peninsula in Charleston?

Would Mayor Riley have a problem accepting it in his Preservation Plan?

Does it have the charm that people from off would look for if they wanted to buy it?

Would they stay there more than two weeks a year?

Is the front desk clerk wearing armor?

Do you receive messages that "you have mail?" Or do you see that everyone else is WEARING chainmail?

What about the grounds?

Are the lawns well tended?

Is the grass cropped neatly?

If the groundskeeper carries a shepherd's crook, is it the latest style? No plastic?

Finally, step into the lobby. Is it spacious or cramped?

Oh, and is lamb featured on the menu? Baah.

(Click on the photos for amazing detail.)

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