Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Breakfast Of Icons....

Hey, I really do try to eat healthy.


This particular breakfast was rather late - almost a brunch - and there WAS some healthy orange juice. You can see it in the background....just past the White Castle wrappers.

The "belly bombers"(a.k.a."Sliders") are a snap to fix: just 60 seconds in the microwave if they're frozen and only 30 seconds if they have thawed.

And I was NOT having doughnuts. That was just a coffee cup from a famous chain.

I was not hungry again until much later in the day.

Then, as they say, I had a nutritious evening meal.

Probably some fish.

(Click on the picture to show the disgusting details.)

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At Wed Sep 09, 05:35:00 PM , Blogger Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

I've had some of those. They really are fast and easy. It's been a while, though; trying to get a bit healthier lifestyle. "A bit healthier" doesn't mean a whole lot, though.

At Thu Sep 10, 05:15:00 AM , Blogger Steve: The Lightning Man said...

On a trip to Savannah a couple years ago, I finally relented and let my wife convince me to drop into a Krystal for some microburgers.....oh, my, but those were foul! It was like eating a wee scrap of wet onion-flavored cardboard. Not sure if a microwaved White Castle would be better but I'm scared to try!

At Thu Sep 10, 12:56:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

Actually Steve, onion-flavored cardboard comes pretty close!


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