Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That Old Gang Of Mine .......

I belong to two "gangs."

One is the 919 GANG in San Diego - about 350 people who used to work at the Union-Tribune newspaper in that seaside community.

I was a staff photographer with the papers in the 1960s.

We submit memory items ("What ever happened to so and so?") or "Do you remember when ___ happened?"

A daily newsletter is compiled and e-mailed to all the gang members.

The other is the 134 GANG composed of retirees from the old Charleston News and Courier and the Evening Post. Members also come from the current Post and Courier.

This is a much smaller group - about 75 - and we meet quarterly for a luncheon.

Members of the gang will gather, tell some stories and enjoy a nice meal and social time.

The local Gang will band together this Friday.

Both gangs - named for the address where the newspapers were published - are growing larger as the industry shrinks. Veteran newsmen face layoffs, take early retirement, accept buyouts or go into new pursuits.

I was surprised to learn The Post and Courier was able to keep its same number address from Meeting street when it opened the new plant on Columbus Street.

At least some things don't change.

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