Friday, March 05, 2010

75 years old...give or take

T-Model Ford is his name. Not the car he drives.

He's an authentic Bluesman from Mississippi.

He may be only 75. Or 85.

He and his drummer "Spam" have been known to start making music and play for eight hours straight.

Tonight it was only for three at Home Team BBQ in West Ashley but we got our money's worth.

It was a quiet crowd. Nobody got rowdy. Guess they had read that T-Model had served 10 years on a chain gang for murder.

He was asked years ago how many times he'd been in jail. He thought it was a trick question.

"Every Saturday night there for awhile."

Almost every song ended with a shrug and a sip of amber liquid in the glass at his elbow.

"Jack Daniels Time," he'd announce.

(Click on the pictures to see more detail and go to his MySpace site to hear some raspy Blues.)

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