Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Colonel" Promoted to "General" ....Musical Fun

Colonel Bruce Hampton,(Ret.) sits and strums at the far left with his band Quark Alliance.

(COSR) Commanding Officer stage right.

That's Kris Dale plucking bass and Perry Osborne on guitar. Of course you recognize the drummer.

Bruce started back in 1963 and really is "retired" but came back to show his roots are in the Blues at the Sullivan Island Home Team BBQ.

He's no slouch at Jam Band either as they proved recently on a wild Tuesday night on the island.

(If the drummer's face reminds you of Derek Trucks, it's because he's Derek's younger brother Duane.)

It's the last night of the 20th annual BLUES BASH and a fitting finale.

The Ben Sawyer bridge was closed for replacement but many fans drove that long way around to listen to the Colonel.

You might say the troops had assembled and were massed in formation.


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