Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Army Travels On Its too.

Many cities have an area called "Chinatown" with its array of tasty and exotic foods.

Washington, D.C. is a good example.

You have an appetite after a day of wandering through massive museums and militant memorials. It's great to sit down in a soothing atmosphere and relax.

Perhaps start with a bowl of hot & sour soup.

Or, maybe a Bento Box lunch served in a box? The traditional meal is rice, fish (or meat) and pickled or cooked veggies.

Sure beats a PB & J on white bread with the crusts cut off.

I tend to avoid McMeals and at least try to eat healthy.

You know, fish without a creamy mayonnaise-based sauce.

In Philadelphia, my hotel was on the edge of that city's Chinatown.

I walked out the front door to a Dim Sum palace right across the street.

The steamed meal came with bok-choy and a plate of delicious scallion "pancakes."

As always, I looked around to see if anyone was using - gasp - a fork.

Lucky for me, they had some silverware available. I always try to use chopsticks but probably would starve.

I also have learned that you are not expected to use the wooden utensils in a Thai restaurant.

(Whenever I see someone snap a picture of their meal, I'm pretty sure it's a fellow blogger.)

*Click on the photos for more enticing details.

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