Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lost and Found...

Baltimore is known for its Harbor and for Ft. McHenry with its star-spangled banner.

Oh, did I mention jumbo lump crab cakes?

Yes, state slogans abound: "Virginia Is For Lovers" and "Maryland Is For Crabs".

The first stop - at 10 in the morning - was Faidley Seafood for its fist-sized specialty served with lettuce & tomato, saltines and a cold beer. A second crab cake was ordered so it was a two-fisted meal.

That is a BIG flag!

Don't know if Francis Scott Key could really see it at dawn's early light (he was on a ship about 2-3 miles away) but it inspires goose bumps.

Now a fleet of Water Taxis move visitors around to various points on the harbor.

Start at the top (27th floor) of the World Trade Center for the view then cruise around and alight to explore the American Visionary Art Museum. Catch another boat to continue sightseeing ... or stop for a beer.

At Fells Point there was an Irish pub named Slainte.

Cozy and friendly, it sat on a cobblestone street overlooking the harbor with stubby tug boats coming and going. Time to take a break.

Eventually wandered out to join a short line for a water taxi and headed toward the Aquarium area at twilight.

The city lights sparkled as we docked and went to a nearby Chipolte for a massive burrito.

Wanted quick service because the train to Philadelphia would leave in about 90 minutes but we were close to the railroad station.

"Hey want to save the leftover chips?" "Sure, just put them in your back pack."
Huh? What back pack? Looked down at the emptiest floor I've ever seen. Nothing. YIKES!
Did I have it on the Water Taxi? Don't remember that. At the Fort? Yeah, had it then.

Uh oh...the Irish pub. Pretty sure... but where was it? How far away? Go by boat or hop in a cab?

Have never shouted "Follow that cab," but now have breathlessly said "Gotta catch a train..can you get us quickly to Fell's Point and Slainte?"

Phyllis reminded me of Queen Latifah in the 2004 movie "TAXI" as she wheeled that car through changing yellow traffic lights, around slow drivers and up a one way street - the wrong way. Well, it was a short block.

We bounced on cobblestones and pulled up in front of the bar. "Keep the meter running, I'll be right back," I said as I sprinted for the front door.

The place now was packed and hanging on the front of the bar.... by the stools where I had sat.... was....a ladies purse.

The manager took my card and said he would also check upstairs. Oh, that's right, we also had gone up there!

Up the stairs, found a big "bouncer" size guy and started to explain. He said "Yeah, It's sitting behind the bar."

And it was.

I charged out the front door, the bag raised over my head and Phyllis started honking the horn in celebration. She knew all sorts of shortcuts to the train station and we arrived with 14 minutes to spare.

She got a VERY nice tip and the train pulled in on time.

Guess what closes in Philadelphia on Easter Sunday? Yep....all the restaurants. But, that's another story.

(Click on the photos to see massive enlargements! Amazing detail. I don't miss shooting with film.)

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