Saturday, April 24, 2010

Revolutionary Ice Cream....

There are certain images of Philadelphia that cannot be ignored.

Well, naturally Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

And Ben Franklin for example. He lived there and is buried there.

This particular metal bust - if you look closely - has keys embedded in his clothing.

We knew he had invented electricity when he flew a kite in severe thunderstorms and used a key in a famous combination of those elements.

The artist left out the kite.

In addition to the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, there is another food icon - the famous twisted pretzel.

Smothered in bright yellow tangy mustard, hot from the oven.

But there also is Franklin Ice Cream.

Sold in the Franklin Fountain, an old-fashioned brick building sitting close to the Delaware River.

There are real soda jerks and treats like root beer floats and sundaes from a bygone era. How about a $12 Banana Split?

Buy by the scoop in a sugar cone or tote a cute little box or dig into a traditional sundae glass with a long spoon.

The key thing is to walk right in.

If you pass by to go take a few more pictures, a school group may line up ahead of you.

Yes, they did.

Not just a happy chatty group of kids. These 40super achievers had flown in on the Red Eye from Los Angeles earlier today and had been trudging the history trail all day.

The youngsters wore tags that said L.E.A.D. and needed this ice cream stop more than I did.

And, they were ahead of me.

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