Monday, June 14, 2010

So Very 21st Century....

OK, I admit that from a technology point of view, I am probably more of an 18th or 19th Century kind of guy.

But, there is hope for me.

This picture, for example, was snapped with my small digital camera. Very modern.

I was touring the Rembrandt House in Amsterdam.

Notice his trademark "Triangle" lighting effect on the right cheek.

I'm pretty sure photography was prohibited in the museum.

Yikes. Gutsy.

But the other night I really saw first hand just how advanced high tech has become without me keeping pace.

A small group had gathered for a going away celebration.

A few drinks. Some appetizers and an entree or two.

One couple had to leave and dropped some money on the table as they said goodbye.

Later, when the bill came, it appeared they had misjudged how much they owed. Woefully short. I probably would have kept a copy of the bill and discussed it later.

Nope. An iPhone (?) took a close-up picture and a tweet-pic (?) was sent to the mobile phone of the couple who had left half an hour ago.

They sent a text (?) back and apologized.

End of problem.

Life is more simple now.

[Click on the pictures for more detail. Actually, I was born in the last century! Thanks.]

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At Mon Jun 14, 06:50:00 PM , Blogger Kenneth said...

Chuck, the picture shows a Motorola Droid, not an iPhone! Us Droidies like credit! :)

[ K ]

At Thu Jun 17, 10:03:00 AM , Blogger Elvin said...

Chuck, I was at Florence's Accademia Gallery last year, where photos inside the museum are strictly prohibited especially in the area by Michaelangelo's David. I had already seen many visitors get warned about it, but being stubborn I took flashless pictures anyway. After my second warning, a female museum attendant sternly scolded me loud enough that people nearby were able to hear. I received a good scolding, but it was well worth it. I now have several pictures of the masterpiece sculpture by a master artist. ...Elvin

At Thu Jun 17, 10:15:00 AM , Anonymous Chuck Boyd said...

Sometimes it's easier to get forgiveness than permission. I like to go for it!


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