Saturday, July 18, 2009

Worldwide Photo Walk

When two local people plan all the details for group participation in an international Photo Walk, they deserve to arrive in a private car.

Hard work deserves perks.

Eugene Mah, co-organizer for the 21st Century Photography Group, and I, the founder, encouraged and promoted the members - and others - to sign up for the 2nd annual Scott Kelby walk on Saturday July 18.

Around the world, more than 900 cities were included and involved more than 30,000 photographers.

NO, no, we didn't REALLY come in a limousine.

That stretch just happened to be parked along the route and had its picture taken by the 45 Charleston area photographers who ambled by, following a suggested 2 mile scenic route through the Historic District.

As you can see, Nature is respected in the Holy City and this wall obviously was built to accommodate the tree.

Even though I am a native Charlestonian, I was amazed to see so many cobble stone streets just off East Bay and around the foot of Broad St.

I'm sure they have always been there but I have not been riding a bike in that area for many, many years.

A bike reminds you of such streets.

We ended the 9am-12am morning at Tommy Condon's where more than half the crowd stuck around to enjoy the air conditioning, frosty beverages and excellent pub grub.

A special Flickr account has been set up by the Photography Group so the combined pictures of all those clicking cameras can be uploaded and viewed by a large audience. Please take a look.

I saw a few shooting film. Yikes.

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At Sat Aug 15, 12:40:00 PM , Blogger CarolinaDreamz said...

I remember stopping, on the other side of this wall and noticing the tree.. I never thought to go on the other side, to photograph it! Good idea! :)



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