Sunday, January 04, 2009

Early, early Saturday morning......

Now I know. There is NO lifeguard in the morning at Waterfront Park.

Probably not later in the day either.

Come to think of it, have I EVER seen a lifeguard at a fountain?

My Photography Group decided it wanted to do a photo walkabout and voted on this park.

Some wanted to capture a great sunrise. The sun was due up at 7:22am so we started arriving before dawn.

I had my usual hang-on-my-belt small Canon digital camera. I was in the minority.

Their lens shades were bigger than my camera.

It was foggy when we arrived and eerie. Pre-dawn downtown.

All that was lacking was a deep bass fog horn moaning out in the harbor.

So it got lighter and we could see more in the fog, but there was no glorious sunrise. Dark shapes in the fog were captured. Sleepy gray pigeons huddled next to haughty white seagulls

Bright park lights glowed with a shiny halo. Zoom lenses found flower beds probably overlooked by the average tourists. Cold water dripped on my neck...

To see some of the pictures taken that morning please go to and click on PHOTOS.

(Yes, I DID add some text to the fountain shot. It was early and I thought nobody would notice.)

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At Wed Jan 14, 10:47:00 AM , Anonymous Eyebee said...

Darn. I didn't get up early for the photography at all. I only came along so I could go diving in the fountain, and some rotter goes and adds a new notice to it, so that put paid to that, and I had to go and take some photographs instead.


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