Friday, December 26, 2008

Scale models .....

I remember reading years ago about a place in Holland that has a complete miniature town. A scaled down version 1:64 or 1:16 or something.

Looks pretty neat huh?

This was taken in Amsterdam which, of course, is in The Netherlands which some people call Holland.

Very realistic. I especially like how they do that "water effect" for the canal.

The "aerial" picture is how the town of Bruges (in the neighboring country of Belgium) would look if you climbed to the top of the bell tower in its famed Market Square.

Certainly a lot easier than trudging up more than 335 steps!

Oh, wait a minute...I DID walk up all those stairs in a narrow and confining passageway. The view WAS great from the top of the belfry.

I just experimented with a photography process called "Tilt-Shift" where you take a regular photo and manipulate it so it appears to be a true-to-scale model. The top photo really was taken from atop the Westerchurch next to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

People. cars and a canal boat frozen in place. Enhanced color saturation. A strong out-of-focus effect to simulate taking a close up shot of tiny objects.

Kinda fun to play with.

(You know how this on the photos for more detail.)

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At Tue Jan 06, 08:12:00 PM , Anonymous Joan said...

Silly me, I've been down at Charleston Place taking pictures of the model train set.

At Fri Dec 07, 11:42:00 AM , Anonymous Jack said...

How Can I Build A Model Like That But Similar?


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