Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Da Bulls....."

The other day, I heard someone mention "bull fighting."

I have not thought of that for more than 30 years.

Sunday afternoon. Tijuana, Mexico. Bullring By The Sea. $5 more for a seat sombre (in the shade). Newspaper photo deadlines.

We now have sports bars with tv sets in each booth and large flat screens hanging on the walls....but, I don't remember ever seeing bull fights. Are they televised? Are they still being staged? Obviously, I needed an expert opinion.

So I called George, the owner of George's Sports Bar in West Ashley.

He came to the phone and said "You wanna know about the Chicago Bulls?"

No, I explained, not the CHICAGO Bulls, real bulls. In bull fights against a man with a cape. Maybe a telecast from Mexico or Spain.

He answered quickly that he didn't think those fights were on television here. He had never seen one.

Back in the 1960s my newspaper, the San Diego Union-Tribune, would assign a photographer to cover the "sport" on Sunday, especially if a name Matador was in town. I covered three as I recall.

The bulls lost every match.

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