Saturday, November 22, 2008

45 Years Ago.....

I was going through my photo files and came across this photo I took in 1963.

President Kennedy flew into our seaside city to speak at graduation and receive an honorary degree at San Diego State. This was about 5 months before he went to Dallas.

As I recall, we had to go through lengthy procedures and it took several weeks for the Union-Tribune newspapers to obtain clearance and credentials to cover the event.

In the 1960 Presidential campaign, when I was a college student on a photography scholarship at the University of San Diego, I asked a policeman if I could climb up on the platform while Senator Kennedy spoke before a huge downtown crowd.

He said "Sure, let me give you a hand."

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At Tue Nov 25, 07:29:00 AM , Blogger Paula Roberts said...

Amazing. To have seen the things and had the opportunity to photograph them ... WOW ... so jealous :)


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