Friday, November 14, 2008

Everything is "relative"...

So, let's recap my blogging: I've written about my dad towing me and my broken down junker car - twice - and still bragging that I'm his son.

"Showed" my Mom supposedly sipping a yard of ale at the old Backstage Deli in North Charleston..and she is 92, a church lady and doesn't drink beer or anything else that's fermented.

Let's see, I posted a photo of my younger brother as he - allegedly - impersonated a US Marine and I implied (actually said) my older brother stole pop bottles as a youth on Folly Beach.

Hmmm. Because I try not to mention any of my ex-wives I'm running out of subjects for discussion. Or dissection.

Oh wait, there's my two grandsons in Missouri.

They told me they could fly. And...they did.

Naturally I was skeptical.

They live in "The Show Me" state so I asked for a demonstration of them kicking free of gravity.

Technically they were in free fall above a trampoline so I'll give them that one.

I'll have to check to make sure all my children have been involved in fun-on-dad's-blog.

[Please click on the red headline above to see a video on a photography project I started back in February. There are some VERY talented people involved. Since I'm older than most of them, the twentysomethings try to keep me up to date on the newest online and computer developments! Thank goodness I found a digital camera on my own.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.]

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At Sun Nov 16, 01:23:00 PM , Anonymous joan said...

I love the jumping ones! I had thought of trying that with a broomstick for halloween but didn't get to me. Maybe next year.


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