Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Good Old Time Weekend...

Helping to plan my 50th high school Reunion was a great way to meet again with some people I had not seen since graduation back in 1957.

The actual Friday and Saturday gathering was more of the same and some had gone very far. One couple had gone to California and another had gone to New Jersey. Naturally, I asked "what exit?"

These class gatherings are great. I had driven up from Tallahassee for the 35th Reunion and must have liked it a lot ..I moved back here the next year.

Friday night we met on Daniel Island and toured the 8-year old version of our former Bishop England. When the young guide proudly showed us the Computer Science room, one classmate at the back said "Yes, OUR "computer room" was filled with typewriters. Manual ones."

Several people did not recognize me - thank goodness for large-type name badges - but as soon as I held a camera up to my eye, they all said "oh yeah, the school photography guy."

Saturday night we met on Folly Beach for Mass and then walked over to the church hall off Center Street for food, nostalgia and even some shag dancing. Well, SOME people danced, I saved my energy.

Sunday, after the Reunion was over, I drove down to Freshfields Village at the entrance to Kiawah and Seabrook Islands, to enjoy the American Music Celebration staged by Gary Erwin (Shrimp City Slim) of Blues Festival fame.

Keep an eye on this unusual island music venue. Gary announced he plans to bring in a lot of acts there. During the summer, there's music every Friday.

As usual, there was a slate of talented performers and, as a salute to Americana, included a country western trio, "the CEO of Zydeco" from Louisiana, Johnny Rawls and his Southern Review and a finale of Harper, a talented blues singer from Australia.

As Harper blew into a native didgeridoo horn, I raised an Aussie toast with a 25 oz. FOSTER's beer from Melbourne, an old-timer's favourite.

G'day mate.

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At Wed Oct 10, 06:56:00 AM , Blogger imabug said...

I was at my 20 year high school reunion a couple of weeks ago and had a good time catching up with people I hadn't seen since high school. 50 is a few more years away yet, but i'm sure that one will be just as interesting.


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