Sunday, September 16, 2007

Black tie dinner.... Halloween??

Sure my tux was quite a few years old but I had kept it away from hungry moths.

With the passage of years, it was just a "little" out of style but, for some reason, nobody mentioned that fashion faux pas during the Advertising Federation dinner I attended a short time before I retired from The Post and Courier.

Just the opposite, people came by all evening to compliment me and make comments on my outfit. Several snapped pictures.

The annual awards for excellence in advertising was held in Mt. Pleasant, at the Shrine Club, with a theme of Circus - Under The Big Top or something similar. It was February and no costume shops had any circus props for rent but, after a few stops, I found a stick on "clown nose" at a party store.

I waited until I entered before I glued it in place since it would have made quite an interesting Mt. Pleasant Police Department mug shot if I had been stopped on the way.

I slowly realized that no other guests had tried to embrace the theme.

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