Monday, August 13, 2007

Now, my OLDER brother....

OK, I've written about my younger brother - and he denies everything - so here's a tidbit on my older brother, the first born of the Boyd Brothers.

We're sitting (he's on the right) on a chain at an entryway to Marion Square on a Sunday outing during WWII. We lived a few blocks away in Ansonborough on Society Street.

Spread out about 4 years apart, all three of us attended St. Joseph's grade school on Anson Street and the best summer of my life was 5th grade, the year I had a growth spurt and became taller than he was. What a difference it meant to be a BIGGER little brother! There was a definite power shift.

We still hung out together and that summer on Folly Beach, we wanted to surprise our grandmother with a fancy, smancy fried chicken dinner at Tommy Wienges' News Stand on Center Street. The sumptuous meal would cost $1.25.

We roamed Folly all day, collecting empty pop bottles and lugging them to Tommy's restaurant to collect the deposit. Naturally we had to have 125 and we were short about 15 as the afternoon waned.

Big, er, older, brother said "wait here" and darted away.

He returned quickly with 6 bottles and said "we still have time," and ran off again. He came back balancing 8 empties and Tommy laughed and said "close enough."

Grandma was a little leery when we insisted she come with us that evening and, after she was seated, the ladies brought out her dinner and she truly was surprised and pleased.

As we watched her eat, I whispered to my brother "how did you get so many bottles so quickly?" He smiled and said "from Tommy's back porch."

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At Sat Aug 25, 11:12:00 PM , Blogger CarolinaDreamz said...

What wonderful memories! Simply priceless to think to go get them off the back porch!

What a special treat you were collecting for..

thanks for sharing. Being new the LC, it was fun to hear you mention places that I don't even know about yet.. I need to get out more!


At Tue Sep 25, 09:39:00 PM , Blogger Paula Roberts said...

I can't remember how, when or where I found your blog - but I love it! I live in Western North Carolina but Charleston is my favorite place - my dad was in the Navy and even though I was born a year after he was out, I swear to folks I must have been conceived there because it is definitely a part of me. I like reading your blog and keeping up with what is happening in your fair city and the history of the town and how you grew up there. The fact that you are a newspaper person makes me like you even more. I, too, am in the field, though it is on the advertising side. I started working for the school paper in junior high and continued through college doing everything from writing, editing, and photography to selling, designing and billing the advertising. I work for the Times-News in Hendersonville, NC but hope someday to have the opportunity to live in Charleston and work at the Post and Courier ... even if only for a day! Keep up the good work and know that you are appreciated even in retirement!


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