Friday, July 06, 2007

Harley Hah Ha.....

The corporate people at Harley-Davidson seem to have a sense of humor.

Or they REALLY like Senior Citizens. The more senior the better.

This all started with a piece of direct mail addressed to my 91-year old Mom, offering a free gift if she took a demo ride on a motorcycle. Preferably a Harley-Davidson.

Mom had me write back and decline the demonstration ride. Her doctor didn't think it would be a good idea and she reluctantly had to agree.

Mom did suggest that a free t-shirt would help ease her disappointment. They sent her a corporate one from headquarters in Milwaukee. And a skull cap.

Since all this started, I have noticed quite a few Harley shirts, caps and jackets and I salute their marketing skills.

At a Harley store here in Charleston, I have seen outfits for babies and young children; teddy bears in motorcycle gear and expensive leather and denim jackets for sale.

Above all, they appear to like people and listen to feedback from customers. Even non-buying customers.

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At Fri Jul 13, 10:37:00 AM , Anonymous JET said...

That's pretty cool.


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