Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Going "HOG WILD"....

We all get junk mail. That's just part of life.

Companies buy mailing lists and send out special offers. A good direct mail campaign can be great for business!

BUT, the mail needs to reach the right audience.

Especially if you are offering a free gift for taking a "demo ride" on a Harley-Davidson.

Well, my 91-year old Mom got this mailing with that Harley offer and she's a good sport and got a laugh.

Picture this: Mom is in her nineties with failing eyesight and she's a pretty frail lady. But she has a lively sense of humor and asked me to respond.

These days, the only "riding" she does is on a stair-glide up and down the front steps. Her mind is sharp and she'll still give me "the look" if I say the wrong thing or if my actions cause her to think I've lost my mind.

So we worked on a response. I thanked the Marketing Department in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for thinking of my Mom and for their generous offer of a demo ride. However she would have to decline because her doctor thought it would be unwise.

I enclosed the photo of her coming up the stairs on her "ride."

Mom asked me to mention that she knew she was not eligible for the free gift because she had turned down the demo ride but added "I hope you'll send me a FREE Harley-Davidson t-shirt (size small) or a leather skull cap."

She promised she would wear it as she ramps up and down the front steps. VARROOM!

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