Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mustang Sally 4, "Saints" 1

New Orleans is alive and well and wants you to come see for yourself.

Happy, smiling people thank you for coming and ask how they can be helpful.

Looking down on the French Quarter from atop the Omni Hotel, you saw only one blue tarp. This is the high ground in NOLA, the damage was elsewhere.

The larger crowds will be in town THIS weekend for the annual Jazz Festival but last week, when I was there, a convention of Pirates was in town and my timbers were shivered.

We crossed Canal Street into the Quarter and could hear Bourbon Street blocks away.

The music appreciation score appears up above in the title..we heard "Mustang Sally" by at least 4 cover bands but the closing song for the night at one club was "When The Saints Go Marching In" and it was heartfelt.

The city - as always - is old, preserved and beautiful and a lot of the whimsy is seen in shop windows, although many of the extremely rude and obscene t-shirts could hardly be worn in mixed company.

Saw them for sale in the stores in the Quarter but did NOT see anyone wearing them. Thank goodness.

There's more to tell: the steam-powered paddleboat steamer Natchez, the van ride out of town to bounce around the swamp and bayous in a VERY loud air boat and the walking tour through an above-ground cemetary to meet a Voodoo Priestess.

Yes, there's more to come.

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At Thu Apr 26, 03:29:00 PM , Blogger JanetLee said...

I am writhing in an envious fit over the Cafe DuMonde picture!

But I LOVE the kitten self-portrait photo, do you have any info on the artist or where it was displayed?

At Thu Apr 26, 09:12:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

The "Self Portrait Tiger" is by local Louisiana artist Jim Tweedy. You can find prints for sale online for about $35.

Notice I took a bite before I shot the plate of beignets!

At Fri Apr 27, 07:52:00 AM , Blogger JanetLee said...

Thanks for the artist info, I just might have to get one, although technically I'm a crazy cat lady, I don't decorate with cat stuff, but that picture is so funny, I'll make an exception.

And, yes, I noticed the missing bite! Such self control - to take only one!

At Fri Apr 27, 01:53:00 PM , Anonymous Taylor said...

there is almost nothing in the world that will make my mouth water as instantly as a picture of benginets. thank you.

At Fri Apr 27, 02:00:00 PM , Blogger Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

I'll be there next weekend for the 2nd weekend of Jazz fest. Haven't been in Nola since before the storm and I can't wait to get there.

At Fri Apr 27, 06:10:00 PM , Anonymous jj said...

i've got an oddly similar picture of beignets from my trip to Carnival this year.

glad you had a good trip!

At Sat Apr 28, 01:13:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

Hey JJ,

You had promised a recap of your trip to Mardi Gras but I don't see it on your blog. I did tour the Carnival museum next to the Cathedral.

I took your suggestion about Abita Amber and agree, nice tasting!

At Tue Jan 05, 11:36:00 PM , Blogger SGU SVM said...

Hey I tried to find the print of "Self portrait tiger" by jim and have come up empty. Any suggestions?

At Wed Jan 06, 08:51:00 AM , Blogger chucker said...

Thanks for asking about Jim Tweedy and his great cat Self Portrait. It brought back pleasant NOLA memories.

This link should take you right there.

At Tue Mar 20, 05:45:00 PM , Anonymous Tanja said...

Hello! i´m from germany and i found this beautiful selfportrait at a veterinary and i must have it, now i know the artist, i thank you, greetings!


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