Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Fire Sprinkler in Action....

Most people have never seen a sprinkler go off and snuff out a fire.

My nephew is a fireman in Maryland, who works in the UL testing facility of the Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute and he lit up a fire for me in the lab.

I watched oil-fed flames quickly blossom and start crawling across the ceiling and then - poof - the sprinkler kicked in when a pre-set temperature was reached and the fire was stopped cold. Impressive.

He's a good fireman and a great instructor to others. He set up a traveling exhibit for County Fairs where the public could look into a typical motel room, watch drapes catch fire and see a sprinkler quickly douse the flames.

Hopefully THAT is the only time someone sees that scary situation!
(Click on photo for details.)

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At Mon Jul 09, 10:20:00 AM , Anonymous Elsa said...

Scary is right. I guess we're all going to be more alert to these situations now.


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