Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pick a card, any card...

So I reached into my box of business cards before heading out the other night and realized I was down to just a few.

Hmmm. Apparently 100 business cards - for a retired person - lasts about 2 years.

Almost to the day.

Well, there were some changes to make. I had been notified that as of July 1, my ZIP code for Hanahan would change to 29410 and my old cards had the old ZIP. I also ordered a rubber stamp with "Read My Blog" and the URL, to stamp on the back.

I had PhotoShopped the store-bought cards to change the ZIP but obviously didn't match the typeface very well so I didn't mind ordering another 100. Should take me into the year 2009.

Unless they change the phone prefix.

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At Wed Jul 18, 04:37:00 PM , Blogger CarolinaDreamz said...

Wow.. I've never gotten to the bottom of a small stack before all the information was so old, on the card, that it was rather useless.

I was just considering this, the other day, when I needed to hand out a card and really didn't have one with any relevant or current information!

I'll never forget when the area code in San Diego just had always been 714! Now its 619 and 858 and I don't quite yet comprehend where the boundaries are.. I didn't know the zip in Hanahan had or is going to change.. I don't quite understand why I have a Summerville address, either, though. "Going to Summerville" is like going to the other side of town, from here.

Matthew, from the OA Lodge did come back and respond to your question, by the way.

I'm heading back out there tomorrow night... but I'm staying clear of the shotgun this week!

Great idea to add "read my blog" to the cards.. love it!


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