Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sektember means ...Oktoberfest!

Munich is a great place to visit ANY time of the year, especially in September when Oktoberfest is celebrated.

But, since my 1979 business trip to Germany was in mid-October, I was pleased to find the beer tents still were in place, the oomp-pah-pah bands still played and prices had dropped.

A typical "tent" holds about 7,000 people and there is a staff of 5,000 to keep the beer flowing and the delicious food coming from the kitchens at a steady pace.

I was the Director of Tourism for Missouri and was attending an international gathering of tour and travel officials and we were taken all around Munich - the Bavarian happy place - compared to dour Berlin up north.

If you want one beer, you hold up your thumb. They kept bringing me two because I did the American thing of holding one finger in the air. I am a VERY slow learner.. Prost!

One of our group, a young Missouri co-ed on a European tour, had enough nerve - or enough beer - to accept the baton and lead the band. She had a very supportive listening audience.

Did I mention Prost?

(Full disclosure: the lady with 12-pack is from online)

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