Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Money Laundering during Pandemic

Well, "money laundering" might not be the proper term of killing a suspected virus spread.

But spraying my paper money with disinfectant seems like a good idea.

Shelter in place, social distancing, and avoiding meeting new people all are good tactics but getting tested is at the top of MY list.

Right after cleaning my cash.

I DID go to MUSC* and got tested a few days ago and it is a GREAT feeling to know you do NOT have coronavirus.

Testing my drawn blood sample for virus antibodies confirmed I have NOT had it and do not have it right now. Whew.

Being one of those elderly people, I do take certain meds to keep me fit and strong.

The good news is having them ordered online and delivered directly to my mailbox.

One more trip away from home is avoided.

Walgreens for OTC (Over The Counter) supplies like vitamins and maybe more masks can be done via the drive-up window. More and more places accept credit cards instead of potentially dangerous dough.

*Go online to check out free testing for Covid-19 antibodies with a simple blood test. MUSCvirtualzipnosis.com would be a good place to start.

You fill out a survey form, stating any symptoms you may have/or have had.

That screening tells MUSC what steps you need to do next ..a nasal swab or having blood drawn to check for antibodies.

Before and after I was checked, I try to make sure I eat properly.

I wanted to stay healthy while "locked down" at home.

Dining out is slowing coming back as an option but for the last several months, I ventured into FROZEN PIZZA. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of preparation (Oven at 400 degrees for about 17 minutes).

The taste and texture of DIY pies also was a pleasant surprise.

My routine MAY be different from most others, but, dining alone I tend to eat about half at the first sitting.

Then I place the rest in the fridge for a cold pizza treat the next day. Hey, it's not how most people eat their pizza but it works for me.

I WAS told how to re-heat slices...in a skillet ...and it comes out like fresh from the square box!

I still like mine cold the next day.

Who knew we would be isolated at home several months ago when I ordered a Screened Porch kit.

My plan was to enclose part of the deck along the back of my house to make sitting outside bug-free. It turned out fine and the "extra space" feels good to sit outside and read a novel.

So, I am coping at home and thus avoiding the protestors and angry mobs of looters attacking newly-reopened stores, restaurants, and venues.

A senseless murder of a black man in Minneapolis and the resulting angry protest reaction nationwide - and overseas - adds even more sadness during a stressful time.

Take care of yourself and others. Be safe out there.

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