Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kiss me..I'm Irish!

About 7 years ago, I was in Atlanta on St. Patrick's Day.

Attended a parade downtown and caught a shot of a street vendor offering his green-hued wares.

(I actually Photoshopped the figure on the Walk/Don't Walk sign to be a traditional color for the Day.)

Years later, during a St. Paddy's Day in Park Circle on Montague, I saw a costumed figure stride past me in a similar WALK sign outfit.

Maybe he had been the model for the original?

Yes, I am sure it was a male. A proud one.

I am fortunate in my travels to have spent nearly two weeks roaming all over Ireland, the Emerald Isle, but not on March 17.

Was there on the 250th anniversary of the founding of Guinness and the celebration called Arthur's Day.

A splendid occasion to lift a glass of cheer, er, beer, uh, a Guinness,  to toast the founder the storied brewery.

I did not dare to rent a car in Ireland.

Didn't wish to drive the narrow twisting lanes.

But I did see there were plenty of helpful roadside signs to help me find my way.

While in Atlanta, I saw that some fountains were turned green.

Savannah is a city that tried back in the 1950s to make its river  that color for the day.

It gave up because it was splotchy, streaked green and just looked silly.

Look closely at this fellow at a Park Circle celebration a few years ago.

He apparently is a proud Marine with the Globe & Anchor symbol tattooed on his right shoulder.

I never saw him actually drinking a beer but am pretty sure some had been consumed earlier that day.

Or when he ducked in and out of several bars.

And, speaking of bars that were open and part of the festivities, I stopped into the Madra Rua for a drink and a break.

I saw a reminder of the Auld Sod in the Gents bathroom.

(Or, the toilet or WC.)

In Ireland, for some reason, all of the toilets were on the floor below the bar level, or above. Steep stairs were always involved.

Having my camera with me - and being very shy - I still managed to snap a few happy faces while doing some Street Photography.

Such single pictures are supposed to quickly tell a story.

I think this one qualifies.

But some people are hesitant to show they are holding a beverage when having their picture taken.

My biggest challenge was trying to balance a camera in one hand and a filled beer cup in the other.

Simple solution - drink the beer then take the picture.

Looks like these two were about ready to replenish their beverages.

One thing I did NOT see today - so far - was a leprechaun.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Have a safe fun day.

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